Floor-ceiling Splits(High EER Series)

High EER Series

    1. Innovative ,elegant and aesthetic design in line with modern air conditioner trend.
    2. Horizontal vane automatically swings up and down for better cooled air distribution and cane be locked at different angles. 
    3. Capable of making an air throw up to 36 at turbo speed in case of SK36. 
    4. Drain tray is made of plastic coupled with molded foam for effective insulation against condensation and it is quite durable and rust-free. 
    5. Side panels neatly hide nuts , bolts and holding brackets so that they are not intrusive to the sight. 
    6. Newly designed display panel in white colour creating classic feel with light dimmer . 
    7. Long life anti-bac filter incorporating Microban technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. For large room use Hi-Med-Lo;for small room use Medium-Low-Quiet. To quicken the initial cooling process use Turbo speed for 10-20 minutes to cool the room fast before switching to set speed. 
    8. Unit is driven by EC motor which is 30 % more efficient than conventional AC motor. 
    9. Indoor unit is provided with fresh air intake slot to bring in fresh for adequate indoor air quality.