Wall Mounted Splits(Globo Series)

Hi Wall Splits-Globo Series

  • Outdoor unit casing is fabricated  from high grade polymer for  resistance  against sea  and corosive chemical  vapours.
  • Blue fins for hydrophilic property to enhance cooling efficiency.
  • Built-in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal  filters and drain tray(optional) to reduce risk of  allergy and  harmful microbes.
  • High efficiency compressors used and quiet operation.
  • Service-friendly construction facilitating disassemly for service without using any tooling.
  • Super long air throw for fast  air distribution and wide  space coverage  in case of the 36,0000 and 48,000 BTU  systems.
  • Wireless electronic  remote controller for ease of use at your finger tip  any where in the room.