To create the best air conditioner that responds to the world?s need for healthy indoor air quality and green environment.


At Amena ,we continuously focus on the manufacture of innovative air conditioning products using the latest air conditioning technology for the benefits of customers worldwide.

About Amena

Unico Consumer Products Co.,Ltd. has been established with the purpose of manufacturing air conditioners under the brand name AMENA for distribution domestically as well as for export overseas. The company started with manufacturing air conditioners in small quantity for the domestic market and increased gradually the production volume until it could export its products to many countries around the globe. At the present it can manufacture diverse types of air conditioners and becomes a major Thai air conditioner manufacturer and exporter.

The company started first with only 4,000 square metres of factory floor area and now it has a very modern and state-of?the-art manufacturing facilities with 37,500 square metres of floor area on a 204,000 -square metre plot of land in Prachinburi. This factory has a production capacity of 350,000 units of air conditioners a year.

UCP has over the years researched different world climates and developed products to suit each region accordingly . Currently environment-friendly or green products have been developed to help protect our precious atmospheres from ozone depleting and global warming potential substances. Today UCP is among the leading air conditioning manufacturers in Thailand who has taken steps forward to make our world a better place to live.